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“The primary purpose of business is to build wealth, and wealth is a journey made up of a series of financial decisions that build, grow, and expand over lifetimes.”

PAMELA C.V. JOLLY is the Founder and CEO of Torch Enterprises, Inc., a strategic investment firm committed to minority business growth and development. Torch Enterprises has assisted over 1,000 entrepreneurs, national non-profits, trade organizations, the federal government, foundations, and financial institutions.


Jolly began her career in banking with Nations Bank after graduating from Hampton. Post-Wharton, she joined Accenture in the Financial Services Strategy & Business Architecture practice, working within banking, capital markets, insurance, and technology industries. In 2014, she became a best-selling author with The NarrowRoad™: A Guide to Legacy Wealth. In 2018, she launched the Legacy Wealth Initiative (LWI), comprised of various cohorts of men, women, business owners, pastors, and young professionals using her proprietary NarrowRoad™ method, and in 2020, she released The NarrowRoad™ 2.0: The Journey to Wealth Your Way, furthering her culturally relevant approach to wealth as a legacy in the Black community.


Jolly is a financial professional committed to developing data-driven strategies that lead to wealth as a legacy in the African American community and remains committed to pursuing business opportunities that pass the torch from one generation to the next, building wealth through ownership and equity. As a FEMA contractor, she co-authored the strategic assessment to rebuild the Greater New Orleans area post-Hurricane Katrina, which underwrote over $200 million in support of the rebuilding efforts in Mississippi during that time. She has delivered more than 250 keynote speeches across the country and abroad.


Jolly earned her BS from Hampton University, an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, an MTh from Boston University, and an EdD from the Graduate Theological Foundation. She also holds certificates in theology from Oxford University, Christ Church, conflict resolution from the Boston Theological Institute, and private equity and venture capital from the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management.